Sunshine Coordinator Collect and send monthly reports via email to the Newsletter with member news (birthdays, illness report, births, etc), and send out cards when appropriate (sympathy, congratulations, etc.)
Finance Committee Work with the Treasurer (Coordinator) to develop annual budget in October and review the budget on quarterly basis.
Community Relations Committee Identify, plan and execute various hands-on volunteer opportunities for WCS members in our community.
Wish List Committee Decide and organize what items will be collected for which agencies, 3 to 4 meetings throughout the year, in addition to travel size toiletries, magazines and old greeting card; write description for Newsletter and PR in advance; take the items from the meeting and deliver to agency/store for credit.
Program Committee Coordinate meeting programs (i.e. speakers, games, crafts) for February, March, April, May (business meeting), September and October; compile list of program recommendations and submit to the Board for approval.  Organize and finalize meeting speakers/games/crafts.  Write description for Newsletter and PR in advance.
Social Committee Develop social programs (i.e. summer party, holiday party).  Present ideas to Board for approval.  Secure location, set ticket prices, receive all monies and be responsible for all details pertaining to event.
Hospitality Committee Plan and bring refreshments (reimbursed) for February, March, April, May, September and October membership meetings; help set up/take down meeting room.  Plan January Installation Luncheon – select venue and menu, secure contract, set price for luncheon, collect monies and keep track of ticket sales.
Welcome Committee To help new members feel more comfortable, assist them in making new friends and becoming active WCS members.  Act as greeters at all meetings.
Annual Charity Event Committee Details to follow.
Dare to Dream Committee The Dare to Dream committee consists of seven (7) members selected by the WCS Board to serve a two (2) year commitment.  This committee is responsible for developing fundraising programs for DTD; plan DTD Grant Award Dinner in June; expanding the DTD grant program; revising grant application (with Board approval) and distributing the application throughout the community; selecting recipients, writing Newsletter and PR updates, keeping financial records and records of all grant recipients.  Keep minutes of all meetings and submit to the Board.  Interest for this committee must be received by the WCS Board no later than the November business meeting.
Dare to Dream Grant Support Team The DTD Support Team will assist the DTD Committee with developing and executing fundraisers, distribution of grant applications and other necessary duties to fulfill the responsibility of the DTD Committee.
Fundraising Committee Develop fundraising programs throughout the year (i.e. Dining for Dollars, Las Vegas Wrangler’s hockey, Las Vegas 51’s, fashion show, etc.);present ideas to the board for approval, write a description for the Newsletter and PR in advance, get flyers/coupons ready to send via e-mail to members and print copies for meetings.  Handle all financial aspects, secure location and details pertaining to event.
For more information or to volunteer e-mail