Dare To Dream-01

Dare to Dream Grants are awarded once per year by the Women’s Club of Summerlin to assist local women, 21 years of age or older, who are striving to improve their lives or fulfill their dreams. Grants may be used for education, skills training, or business development. Applications are processed in May; candidates are then selected, and awards are presented no later than June 30th.  In order to receive their grants, recipients are required to attend the Dare to Dream Awards Presentation Dinner. The grant selection committee awards women based on personal need, the impact the grant will have on the community and the merit of the training or program where funding is being requested. Grants issued do not exceed $3,000 and are paid directly to the appropriate institution or vendor.  You may submit only one grant application each year.  So, therefore whether you are either a new applicant or returning applicant (not previously awarded funds) you may apply for the next cycle of grant monies. Women’s Club of Summerlin members are not eligible.